I am just going to put it out there and say I am terrible at self promotion. I was raised to be understated and a natural shyness can make it hard for me to really push who I am and what I do. Luckily most of my work comes from repeat business and referrals so I don’t often have to really put myself out there. My sister took me along to a few networking events a couple of years ago and whilst I managed to do the ‘one minute sell’, I’m too much of a rambler to feel comfortable and make it work.

I also get bouts of imposter syndrome. Luckily the longer I’m in business the less I get affected by it but some days it’s there and I take a quick glance through my portfolio and realise, it’s ok, I’ve got this.

Blogging is a great tool for me. It helps my audience to get to know me and me a chance to get to know them. I write a mixture of blogs – a weekly blog called Thursdays Thoughts all about what’s in my head that week and what goes on behind the scenes at This Demanding Life. I also have a series called ‘How To’ which shows my technical expertise and guides the reader in how to use WordPress and master specific functions.

I like to take a holistic approach to websites – not just looking at the site itself, but how it fits in with the client’s marketing plan, the platforms they use and their brand identity. When I rebuilt my website last year with a much stronger brand (big thanks to Amy Newlands for her branding skills) I applied the same methods as I do for my clients, and I now find it easier to promote myself than I did before.

*Just want to say a quick thank you to Amy Newlands for letting me use this image.