The question I’ve been asked the most this year is whether to use WordPress or Shopify for online selling. There’s no simple answer as they’re both great platforms. It also depends on how technically able the person updating the site is. Online selling means updating the website often and most people choose to keep costs down by doing this themselves. The cost of the website design and build is the same across the platforms. The difference between the 2 are:

With WordPress the set up of the online store is trickier than with Shopify but if you’re using a web designer they’ll handle this for you. Once the shop is created the only ongoing costs will be your regular website hosting/maintenance and any payment gateway fees. With Shopify the setup is more simple as the back end of inventory and stock is already set up for you to populate. Once the site is built there is an ongoing monthly charge starting at approximately $30 a month plush payment gateway charges.

From a user point of view the user won’t know (or care) which platform the site is built on, as long as they can purchase products through it and the experience is a good one. Your website designer will be able to tell you the pros and cons of using each platform for your particular business, after that it’s up to you to choose your preference.