Time is my most precious commodity. With a full time website development business, 3.5 children to get to where they need to go, a dog to walk and a household to run, time management can be a tricky business.

Saying that I live by the adage that if you want something done then ask a busy person! I always meet deadlines and whilst I often arrive at a destination right on time, never early, I’m also very rarely late.

This Demanding Life was born out of knowing that a lack of time isn’t exclusive to me. Almost everyone who is running their own business struggles to get everything done in a day. That’s why I clearly layout how long a website will take from concept to completion when I start a project.

I sometimes long for the days when I was younger and time seemed to go on forever. These days I feel like I just have to blink and the day has gone. The best thing about working for myself is the ability to be flexible when it comes to time; if the kids have a school event or a friend I don’t see often suggests lunch, I can go. The worst thing is never really switching off and I often find myself working until the early hours of the morning. Especially if I’m in the middle of a website build – there’s always just one more adjustment I want to make before switching off the computer for the night.

How do you manage your time?