Finding my USP in the website market, which was already saturated was, just like my business, an evolution. I started off with education websites as a lot of my marketing experience had involved the education sector. This led me to getting to know a lot of parents at a time where the market was starting to be dominated by parent-led businesses and start-ups. At the time I was a single parent to 2 boys and I knew first hand, how challenging it is to keep all the balls in the air with work, childcare and the demands of everyday life.

My USP is simple – I will do everything I can to make the website process as simple and stress-free as possible. When quoting for new websites I let you know exactly what you can expect from me, what I’ll expect from you and provide a list of what we need to get the website from concept to completion and where and how I can support you along the way. There are no surprises. Quotes and timescales are adhered to. In short, I ensure the website process is as stress-free as possible.

I create blog posts and tutorials to help people know how to create and post content on their site and offer website care packages to look after websites so my clients can concentrate on what they do best; running their business whilst knowing their website is completely looked after and in safe hands.