A Work Life Balance is something I’m not great at, at the best of times. We have 4 children between us including a young baby. My partner works full time during term times, I work full time hours on a flexible schedule and we manage the childcare between us.

Alongside the nation we are now homeschooling our children, all of whom are unhelpfully in 3 different key stages, we’re taking care of the baby at the same time and I’m still building websites.

Flexible working is key to making it all work for our family – as the baby gets up early I start my working day early. I take a break to get the kids to school, play with the baby between her naps, walk the dog, feed the cat, pick up the kids from school then hand everything over to my partner so I can get on with work. I take another break around dinner time to spend more time with the kids and wash up the mountain of mess I create when cooking then when they’re settled it’s back to work.

Luckily (for me) most of my clients have a family of their own and they understand the stresses and unexpected events that can crop up when managing so many children. Saying that – my partner really is amazing at picking up the slack so I can get through work.

When it’s time for a break I love to head onto the riverside lands where I live. I often try to make it just me and the dog so I can voice note friends and listen to podcasts but now that the weather’s better an assortment of children often choose to accompany me. I’ve recently learned a new trick  – send them ahead on their bikes and walk (slowly) with the pram to get the much needed headspace I was stepping out for.

Here’s a picture from yesterday – Homeschooling done, work finished (for now) and a dog walk on the riverside lands with my six year old.