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Not Just Building Websites

We’ll Help You Build Your Business

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This Demanding Life – The Superhero Team Taking Your Website to New Heights

Hi, I’m Holly Christie

I’m the conscientious creative who has assembled the dream team at This Demanding Life.

Having spent over twenty years in digital marketing and eighteen in website design, I still get excited at the prospect of working on something new. I’m not just a designer but developer too, I like getting into the technical bits that mean a site not only looks great and is easy to navigate but also gets you the results your business needs!

As well as our custom-build websites, I developed Simply Sites – a brilliant concept which allows us to offer powerful and affordable websites to our clients. It’s something I’m ridiculously proud of, because – with a choice of customisable templates – we’re able to provide something truly special to clients who aren’t ready for a custom-build site yet. You can find out more about Simply Sites here.

So, what else do you want to know about me?

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Not Just a Business Owner

I’m also a mum of three – a toddler, tween, and teenager – and keeper of two crazy, neurotic dogs. Like all of us, there’s a lot more to life than what goes on at the desk and it’s understanding these many roles we all have that helps me to provide clients the calm, reflective space they need to focus on their business.    

Whether you have a service or product-based business, we have the expertise to ease the pressure on you and your processes. With an effective website and joined-up marketing plan we will support your awesome online presence without adding to your workload.

“Holly has been an absolute godsend to my business… Having limited experience with running a business, initially, I found it extremely challenging knowing how to market my business effectively. Holly’s work has been invaluable in helping me shape my strategy and the website she designed was stunning. I can’t recommend ‘This Demanding Life’ highly enough and I look forward to working with Holly as I continue to grow my business.”

Joel Sutton

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Why We Do What We Do!

Working across all areas of digital marketing, we help clients build businesses which work better for them – social media and email lists which build relationships, funnels to generate leads, and websites which bring in sales.
We do what we do, to help you build the business you want.

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Team TDL – From Flying Solo to a Growing Team

When I started This Demanding Life it was just me, doing all the jobs, building all the websites and trying not to burn out. That was just the day job! I still had a full night of parenting ahead of me.

Growing from a company of one to a multi-talented team has been a huge success, not just for me and the fabulous experts you’ll meet by my side, but also for my clients who get this wealth of experience and awesomeness in one easy-to-assemble package. The team are super-skilled and (even better) the kind of brilliant humans it’s a pleasure to work with, so let me introduce you.

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Meet Amy

Amy is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and brand specialist winning Branding Designer of the Year 2023 at the Scottish Enterprise Awards. Amy’s the creator of our fabulous mini-me’s and she’s brilliant to work with.

Amy creates logos and graphics to enhance our websites. Whether she is working with something you’ve already got or starting from scratch, she’ll bring your brand to life on your website. Think logos, colours, banners, and graphics, Amy can even provide social media covers and templates, so you have consistency everywhere you appear online.

Meet Stu

Stu is our technical expert, his focus is often behind-the-scenes – sorting out hosting and servers, email accounts and website migrations, the complex and essential backend processes which keep everything running smoothly!

Stu is a whizz with debugging and sorting out technical issues, while also writing the code for some of our more complex website designs. He’s honestly a genius.

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Headshot of Oliver Meech

Meet Oliver

Oliver is our wordsmith, an award-winning copywriter all set to create the engaging copy your shiny new website needs. With 20 years’ experience, he’s a seasoned pro who’s well versed in understanding your business, engaging your ideal customer and crafting meaningful messages. He also writes with web design in mind, ensuring your words will slot seamlessly into your finished site. So give yourself one less thing to do and leave your ‘copy’ in Oliver’s capable hands.

Meet Sharon

Sharon is the woman who does. A virtual assistant who asks all the right questions, understands the fiddly bits, and gets stuck in. Everyone needs a Sharon.

Having been a client of ours – not just once, but twice – Sharon knows This Demanding Life from both sides of the fence. She’s involved in almost all aspects of our admin and social media, focused on making sure you get what you want, while helping us do what we need to do.

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With This Demanding Life, you’ll benefit from

This Demanding Life working around a table

A team

A team of helpful experts

20+ years

20+ years of digital marketing experience

18+ years

18+ years of website design

60+ websites

60+ websites built (as This Demanding Life)

“Holly was professional, knowledgeable and adaptable, all whilst making me feel my start up was as important to her as it is to me.”

Lucy Templeman

Why This Demanding Life?

There are (as I write this) at least 18 pages of search results for “web developer”, so why would you choose us?

Of course it might be recommendation, we’ve got some fantastic testimonials from our clients, and we understand how important that vote of confidence is.

Whatever brought you to our website, you’re now here checking us out to see if we can be trusted to create your vision. We’ve told you we can do it, but you need to decide if you want to work with us and that probably comes down to the kind of people we are.

Our Values

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A strong community can move mountains and I’m all about community! We all grow best with the support of others, let us be among the people who are supporting you.

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The superpower of creative people. We won’t get frustrated when font sizing goes wonky, there’s a mistype in your copy or a photo has flipped – we’ll just get it sorted.

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Our years of experience mean you get great design and functionality; but more than that, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your site with your own user manual.

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If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you and find the answer. If something isn’t working, I’ll let you know and get it fixed. Open and honest communication always works best.

These values have served This Demanding Life since I launched and are how we have got to where we are today. It was these values which prompted me to get This Demanding Life Good Business Charter accredited; now it’s not just us telling you we do these things, it’s official!

Holly and Amy sitting at a desk, working together.

We’re also award winners

This Demanding Life won 2023 Web Designer of the Year at the Innovation and Excellence awards from Corporate LiveWire – which certainly counts as one of my proudest moments. We won the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/2024 for Website Design Services of the Year. With Amy also winning Branding Designer of the Year 2023 at the Scottish Enterprise Awards, our team has the experience and skills to support your business as it grows.

So, how does that sound? Are we the right team for you?

Find out what our clients have said

“Holly is everything you could wish for from a website designer and more. Holly and her team work in partnership with you, to create a website that aligns perfectly with you, and delivers exactly what your business needs.”

Irene Broomfield