It’s the start of March!

For me March is full of good things. It’s my birthday at the end of the month, Spring also begins now. We’re on the countdown to Easter and a 4 day weekend; what’s not to like?

To celebrate March and *gulp* my last birthday in my 30s, I’ve signed up to the #meetthemaker Instagram challenge. Every day I’ll post something with a specific purpose. Starting with ‘My Story’ where you can read how This Demanding Life came about and ending with FAQs. You’ll see I’ve left the comments open on the posts so if you have any questions please do get in touch, I love hearing from you.

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As well as setting up websites from scratch I am often asked to take over websites which have been started, have often gone live but the website owner has never really liked or connected with it. They’ve described the process as having been difficult and don’t know what to do with the [...]

Future Goals

As I write this I’m a month away from completing my 3rd year in business. You’ll know from previous posts, the journey I’ve been on to get here. As my business has organically grown it has niched down to purely building websites with the very occasional marketing consultancy. I’ve learned to try [...]

This or That

The question I’ve been asked the most this year is whether to use WordPress or Shopify for online selling. There’s no simple answer as they’re both great platforms. It also depends on how technically able the person updating the site is. Online selling means updating the website often and most people choose [...]

How it’s Made

Websites always begin with an initial chat, usually over the phone or Skype, to make sure we’re a good fit for working together. Once this is established we move over to email where I’ll send a summary of what we talked about, a quote and any relevant documents and useful links. Once [...]

Personal Touch

I pride myself on never creating two websites which are exactly the same. This is because I don’t work with demos or templates, preferring to give sites a completely unique look. You’ll see design elements used in more than one site - but they’ll be used with different media so they have [...]


At the heart of a great looking website is strong imagery. When I take on new projects the first thing I discuss is photography. If you want a show stopping site you’re going to need a pro to take the photos. It’s not just about the camera they use, or the editing [...]


Change is possibly what I’m best at. This Demanding Life was set up way back in 2015 as a blog site where I could share recipes and anecdotes with family and friends. At the time I was working as a Marketing and Communications manager in the education industry and supporting my husband [...]


My background is in marketing so marketing my own business should feel very comfortable for me. It does not. For years I’ve worked with people, supporting them in getting their business online and making their presence known on the internet. At one point I became so busy doing this that my own [...]


Websites don’t really call for packaging. The design of the site speaks for itself and being the eco-friendly sort I try to run a paperless office and everything is done via email. What I do aim for is consistency. John Espirian refers to this as ‘Content DNA’. This is being seen to [...]


As most of the websites I build are in WordPress one of the most important factors is to build the sites in a way that clients can go in at a later date and edit themselves without feeling overwhelmed. WordPress is marketed as software that anyone can use and build a site [...]

Proud Of

There are many things I’m proud of, all the websites I work on have their own stories and challenges and just when I think I know everything, I learn something new. What I’m most proud of (other than my family) is my work at Child Contact Centre. 8 years ago I was [...]

Self Care

With 4 kids, a partner, 2 co-parents, a dog, cat, fish tank, my own business and a Child Contact Centre to run it’s safe to say self-care is way down the list. However, I’m a big advocate of having good mental health and building in time for self-care, even if it’s in [...]


No man is an island and that’s particularly true for me. Whilst it may be just me building the websites and writing blogs there is a whole team of support behind me: My partner, Julian - he inspires me every day, takes the baby, dog and assortment of our kids, out so [...]

Current Project

My current project is a website for Amy Newlands. Amy is the genius behind my branding and I had been wanting to get my hands on her website for a while. Amy already had a website, she had bought a template and dropped her information into the allotted spaces. Whilst the colours [...]


Finding my USP in the website market, which was already saturated was, just like my business, an evolution. I started off with education websites as a lot of my marketing experience had involved the education sector. This led me to getting to know a lot of parents at a time where the [...]

Learning Curve

The learning curve moving from a Marketing and Communications specialist to a website designer has been huge. Five years ago when I started building the websites I designed (rather than have others build my designs as I had done previously) I described the learning curve as a baptism of fire. I’m happy [...]


The range of websites I offer is limitless. I am just as happy building small, one page websites to sell a particular product or service, as I am when building huge sites incorporating lots of different elements and services offered. Personal blogs are also something I love doing, as a blogger at [...]

Rough/Mock Up

In the early days of website design a graphic designer would design the site and a website developer would build it. These days the designer and developer are often one and the same and the process for the website client can feel a slightly different experience. The majority of my sites are [...]

Love to Make

Almost every working day is different but what they all have in common is that my working day always involves websites. I love the variety of businesses I work with and the different personalities which come with them! Whilst I enjoy every project I work on, after all, no two websites I [...]


I feel my readers know most of the day to day things about me; I work from home in south west London, I am from a blended family and have a blended family of my own encompassing 4 children, an utterly neurotic dog and a not often sociable cat. My partner has [...]

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