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Momentum Mentoring – For Your Whole Business

Take your business to the next level – your way!

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Build Your Business Momentum with Mentoring

Are you ready for the next level?

Your business is growing, you’ve come so far, but you wonder “What’s next?” There are opportunities in front of you, but something is blocking your way – it might be marketing, it might be processes, it might be you.

In my work with small business owners, we do much more than build websites. Everything I do starts with understanding your business, seeing your vision, and committing to help you take that forward. Sometimes that’s a website… but sometimes you might need something else.

With my Momentum Mentoring, we’ll look closely at who you’re talking to, what you can offer them, and how you want your business to run. We’ll explore what you want to achieve then build processes and use technology to support your business – to support you.

Working together we can reach new clients, create new products, streamline your business. Most importantly, we will create a path for your growth.

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“Holly has been professional, impressive and passionate about my brand and she has recently redesigned my site from scratch… She is a brilliant listener and communicated all the information required in a timely manner. Holly kept my brand in mind throughout the project and her suggestions and have been most valuable.”

Bola Akande JwB

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Looking Ahead, When the Way Isn’t Clear

Businesses change over time. Sometimes this change can be seen clearly as growth, bigger client numbers, bigger profits, longer hours!

And sometimes, change is restructuring, refocusing, or rebuilding.

Whether you already have a plan or not, we can work together to understand what you want to achieve and how to make it happen.

What We Will Cover

Together, we’ll look at:

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What you want your business to look like, what’s going to make you happy in your work, both with clients and colleagues.

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Who your ideal client is and how to attract them, both on and beyond your website.

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How to use social media effectively – identifying which channels work for you, where you’ll find your ideal client, and how to reach them.

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What to post, when, and where, as well as how to connect with the right people, on social media.

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How to get people onto your mailing list and what to mail once they’re there.

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The processes behind all this, so you’re able to manage your business more effectively and with less stress.

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“I love working with Holly… She has an amazing knack of always being on the same page with our thinking, tapping into my (sometimes sketchy) thoughts and making it into something tangible and coming up with fab new ideas for my business that would never have occurred to me.”

Lisa York

How it works

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We’ll talk 

The first step is a call. Book a time that works for you and we’ll meet on Zoom. This is when you’ll tell me where you are in your business and if there’s anything particular you are concerned about.

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Sign up

I’ll send through some information and if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help. Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll get going together.

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The sessions

We’ll meet on Zoom, this is where the magic happens. We’ll spend 90 minutes working through strategy, looking at results and coming up with a plan for the next few weeks in your business. Sound good?

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions cost £150 for 75 minutes and there is a 3-session minimum booking.

My 3-month (12 session) package will get you exactly where you need to be.
Alternatively, I recommend at least 6 sessions to get the best results, but – if this won’t work for you right now – you will need to book at least 3 sessions.

Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, let’s discuss what will work best for you.

Find out what our clients have said

“I’ve just finished an online mentoring session with Holly, who has been helping me with self-confidence and self-esteem issues I have been having around my website design business. For the past year, Holly has been my mentor, offering me guidance and advice to help me improve my wellbeing and my business skills.

Her empathy, understanding and support has been of huge value to me, she is always there at the end of a Whatsapp message or a Zoom call and I know I wouldn’t be enjoying the work / life balance that I am without her sage wisdom.

If you are in need of a mentor who understands you, listens to you and offers guidance and advice to help you move forward in life and business, then I thoroughly recommend that you speak with Holly.”

Mike Cottam, CottamWeb