I have always been a big fan of Mother Pukka, ever since she burst into cyber space in all her lycra clad glory. She’s an incredibly witty blogger and vlogger and even more importantly, last year she started the #flexappeal campaign.

Flexible working rights should be available to all people, parents, carers, anybody. We should be able to enjoy a work/life balance rather than feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day. If you want to read more about achieving a good work/life balance you can do so in Fay from Bright Sky HR’s article here.

Enter Mother Pukka with her unstoppable drive to achieve flexible working for everyone. Through Instagramming, campaigning, flash mobbing and social media-ing she is raising awareness and helping companies to see why #flexappeal is so important and brilliantly talented people losing their jobs because they happen to have children and want to raise them alongside working, is crap.

Yesterday I was part of the flash mob in Trafalgar Square and what can I say? You had to be there! For those of you who weren’t you can see the vlog I made about it below.