This morning was completely different to others as I recorded an episode for the SuperMum Podcast. That’s right! Me – on SuperMum!

Lisa York was an amazing host and so easy to talk to. During the jam packed episode we spoke about:

  • Solo parenting
  • Living up to the traditional values of our parents generation whilst leading modern lives
  • The importance of allowing children to access technology
  • The rise of the power blogger and their role in society
  • How the online world has revolutionised parenting for our generation
  • The difference between our childhoods & the ones we are giving our children
  • Rejecting the ‘Disney dream’ of marriage = happily ever after

I also mentioned this quote – something I believe to be so true!


I can’t wait for you to hear the podcast! My episode is due to be aired on Monday 1st May as one of the Mum 2 Mum Monday interviews. Until it’s released you may like to check out some other podcast episodes which you can do by clicking here.


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  1. Lisa York 31/03/2017 at 08:21 - Reply

    It was so great chatting to you and hearing all your interesting insights Holly. I’m so excited to share your interview with the world on 1 May, Lisa York x (The SuperMum Podcast)

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