Project Description

2-Right Productions offer tour management and production packages for the music and arts industry. Because of the nature of their work they wanted the website to stand out and feel as though it fits in the music scene. We decided to use a dark theme for the website with silver writing and turquoise highlights.

To create interest and give the user an idea of the feel of 2-Right Productions, we used images from concerts and festivals as background container images and layered information on top. We also used parallax scrolling on the background images, with the images moving up as the user scrolled. This gives the impression that the scene is always moving, never standing still. Much like 2-Right!

I want to thank Holly for all the work she did on building our website from scratch. We had an idea and she worked with us every step of the way to ensure we got what we wanted and at the same time she made it look good. We were not the easiest of clients. We chopped and changed the content adding things and taking things away. Holly was patient, professional and calm all the way. We now have a website we love! Thank you so very much. 

Vanessa Gurd, 2-Right Productions