Project Description

Future Vision Fitness is a website for Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor, Daniel Wallis. Based in Horsham, west Sussex, Daniel has a passion to helping people reach optimal physical and mental health via exercise and eating well.

When we met Daniel had a logo and an idea of the message he wanted to put across but wasn’t sure what the look and feel of the site should be. We quickly agreed that a dynamic, one page website would show off his content and photos, whilst allowing the user to scroll between the sections easily. I asked Daniel to find a focus colour and he fell in love with an image that had 4 different types of blue in it. We have utilised these throughout the site using gradient boxes as backgrounds, link colours and a splash of colour in the footer.

My favourite part of the site is watching the menu font change colour depending on what section the user is on, keeping it very clear where to navigate next.