Project Description

Journey with Bola is the online home of Bola, a UK based travel blogger who writes to inspire and motivate women to travel. She writes predominantly about historical London and covers all areas of dining, hotel stays, transport methods and of course, London itself!

Bola already had a website, which was looking a little dated and wanted to update the look and feel of it. At the same time Bola had a website (Web Writing Hut) for her copywriting work which we decided to incorporate into her Journey With Bola site, giving it its own identity within the site. To make this feel a different part of the website we removed the Journey With Header, used different title Fonts and a slightly different colour scheme to the rest of the site.

A huge thanks!

I remember being at my wit’s end not having a designer for 6 months when Holly stepped in to manage my website.

From the outset of working with Holly I felt the connection and knew she would understand my business needs.

Holly has been professional, impressive and passionate about my brand and she has recently redesigned my site from scratch. No doubt she has added value to my website.

She is a brilliant listener and communicated all the information required in a timely manner. Holly kept my brand in mind throughout the project and her suggestions and guidance have been most valuable.

Her previous marketing skills have equipped her with excellence and Holly knew how to tailor my website to the right audience.

I genuinely recommend Holly as an expert in her field.

I thank Holly, for her unrelenting effort and working tirelessly on my brand and for your blogging and marketing tips.

She’s made me feel relaxed and has a good understanding about my niche.

Bola, Website Owner, Journey with Bola