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Not sure where to go for information?

You can relax, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll have heard that blogging’s an effective way of reaching new people, pushing your website up the search engine rankings and a great way to showcase your knowledge.

But there’s more to blogging than hammering out 2000 words and hoping for the best! The blogs on this page walk you through how to make the most of your website, the best tools and strategies for marketing once your website is live. And how to run a successful small business.

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  • Holly Christie, sitting in a chair, leaning forward, smiling at the camera.

    What you need to know when starting a business

    Starting out in business is equally exciting and overwhelming. It’s fantasti [...]

  • Holly and a client looking at a computer.

    What you love about your website could be killing your sales

    Creating a new website for your business is a big undertaking and one you on [...]

  • Holly sitting at a desk, working on a laptop.

    How to Prepare for your Website Build or Redesign

    Are you thinking of building a new website? Or redesigning an existing one? Wh [...]

  • hands typing on a laptop

    Signs it’s time for a new website

    Websites can start to date as soon as they’ve gone live. With new trends and t [...]

  • How much does a website cost?

    When considering a new website the first thing people ask is ‘what does it cos [...]

  • Holly Christie, sitting on the sofa with a laptop, smiling at the camera.

    How long it will take for your website to pay for itself

    When investing in your website it’s normal to wonder how long it’s going to ta [...]

  • Why I don’t put Social Links in Headers

    Just like fashions, websites tend to be trend-driven. With each year bringing [...]

  • Books and pens on a desk

    Top website trends for 2023

    Websites change often with some trends sticking around for a while (think Hero [...]

  • Headshot of Holly Christie

    Why website costs vary across the industry

    If you’re looking for a website designer for your small business website [...]

  • Holly and a client sitting on a sofa with a cup of coffee

    How to choose the right designer or developer for your website

    It’s time to build or rebuild your website and the one thing you do know [...]

  • Holly and Amy working together at a desk

    Why you’re not making sales from your website and how to fix it

    The days of thinking of your website as a shopfront are long gone. When p [...]

  • A desk with 2 people working at it, on a laptop and an ipad

    5 Things Website Designers Won’t tell you

    🧐 Want to know what Website designers would love you to know? If you want [...]

  • Sharon Hadley and Amy Newlands working together at a desk.

    Website crimes you don’t know you’re committing

    Your website is more than just a shopfront for your business, it’s the on [...]

  • Holly Christie sitting at a desk with a podcasting mic.

    How words unlock the selling power of your website

    When you land on a website one of the first things you’ll notice is the h [...]

  • Holly, working on a laptop, on the sofa with her dogs next to her.

    Website myths which aren’t true

    If you have a small business or want to sell or represent yourself online [...]

  • Holly Christie Headshot

    Fall back in love with your website & turn it into the powerhouse it was meant to be

    When you think about marketing your small business what jumps to mind first? [...]

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