Podcast artwork of Sharon Hadley and Holly Christie with the episode title: your first year in business.

Do you wish you could be more productive?

Does life as an entrepreneur not seem as fun as you thought it would be?

If either of these apply to you then you're definitely not alone. We often think that the life of an entrepreneur is a joyful one - full of working your own hours, being your own boss and being able to do things at your leisure.

The reality is very different, but it doesn't have to be!

In this episode accountability viking, Ben Catley-Richardson talks us through the habits we need to master as small business owners. How to create good habits and why switching off is not just important, but actually leads us to being better at what we do.

Are you ready to find more joy in your business?

Episode Transcript

I'm Holly Christie, your host. I'm a website designer and small business mentor. I have two website companies, This Demanding Life for businesses who are looking to grow with Flow and an amazing custom build website and Simply Sites for startups looking for a stellar website and website experience.

Brilliant first episode!!

The first episode of “Your Business, Your Way” is a refreshing take on the entrepreneurial journey I needed to hear this morning . I felt reassured hearing Holly emphasise a crucial point: you don’t need to know everything to get started. This approach is a game-changer, especially for those new to the business world, breaking down the barriers of perfection and complete readiness that often hold us back.

What I loved about this first episode of the podcast is its blend of practical advice with an undercurrent of motivation. It reassured me that starting with what I know and learning as I go is not just okay, but a smart way to grow. The podcast feels like a supportive friend, nudging you to take those first steps while keeping the mood light and approachable.

For anyone at the crossroads of starting or scaling a business, this podcast could be the push you need. It’s a promising mix of insights, stories, and encouragement. I’m eager for the next episodes and recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a business venture in a way that’s true to them. It’s an exciting start, and I’m genuinely looking forward to where this podcast will take its listeners next.


Really Refreshing

Looking forward to the next episode, I’m hooked already. Really easy to listen to and definitely strikes a chord with me. 


Small Business Growth

I’m so excited to have your podcast alongside me as I grow my business. Looking forward to taking action on your steps and learn from someone who knows what they are talking about. Thanks Holly – you’re a star!


It’s a great podcast Holly, you’ve covered some really useful topics and had fantastic guests. It’s like your topics were written with me in mind…

Natalie Trembecki

Small Business Growth

I love listening to each new episode of Holly’s podcast. It feels like she has read my mind and understands the challenges I find myself up against when running my business. Her advice and insights are fantastic and I’m looking forward to hearing her future episodes. This is a great resource for any small business owner trying to establish a successful business in the online (and/or offline) world.

Fay Wallis

Feeling inspired

Would definitely recommend this podcast. Aimed at those small business owners, but for someone who has recently started a new role in my company, this definitely motivated me on this cold wet Monday morning to not be afraid of being vulnerable in the workplace and putting myself out there!

Can’t wait for the next episode


Just listened to your first podcast episode and it’s absolutely brilliant! Good work Holly!

Mike Cottam