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Thank you for your interest in my ‘Social Media for Business – Advanced Users’ Course.

This course will cover everything needed for the advanced social media user (whether personal or professional use) to launch a business in the online world. We will look at which Social Media platforms will work best for your product, how to get the best engagement from your audience and the tools and tricks to creating killer content.

As you can imagine, a course with this much info takes a long time to create and this one will be ready at the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, you are welcome to peruse my ‘Master Social Media for your Business‘ course. This course walks you through the stats look, feel and purpose of the main Social Media platforms as well as helping you recognise which tools work for you, and what to do when it all goes wrong! (If you are not a beginner/new to Social Media you may wish to skip modules 1 & 2). You can view this course by clicking this link.

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