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🧐 Want to know what Website designers would love you to know?

If you want to get your website right the first time, no spending hours tweaking this and adjusting that, these facts will really help:

Homemade websites won't make you money

If you can’t afford to have a designer build your website invest some time getting an expert opinion. This could be through a paid-for power hour, a website evaluation or joining a website support/know-how group.

If you're serious about your website you need a paid-for theme.

Free themes just aren’t flexible enough to really get that personalisation and individual feel that:

a, showcases your website to the best potential.

b, shows your audience you’re serious about your website and are investing in it.

SEO comes first

💥 Learn SEO practices *before* building your website, it’s more time consuming to do it after the build.

Do not create your own branding, yourself.

A brand designer does so much more than just draw the logo. It’s not just about making it look good, it’s about having the right types of files, alternative logos to use in different parts of the website/digital marketing and knowing how to use your brand colours effectively.

You must include a Call to action

If you don’t include Calls to Action on your pages, people won’t engage with your content. Seriously. A website page without a Call to Action is like being in a shop which doesn’t have a till - you can look, but not buy. Make sure you have a Call to Action on every page of your website.

If you’re thinking of building your own website or managing an existing site, pop over to my Website Coaching Academy where you’ll get your questions answered and tonnes of website tips to make your website better.