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Thursday’s Thoughts

Do you ever feel that your head is so full of thoughts you can’t concentrate on any one thing? 

That’s me. Totally. With a busy work and home life sometimes my thoughts all run into each other and I don’t know what to lay down where. Then I jump on Social Media and there are things I want to comment on but I’m not quite sure what and my 15 minutes of downtime has turned into an hour of uselesness (it’s a word! In my house anyway).

One of my happiest and most productive times of work/life balance was when I was writing my weekly lists of Five Things I Learned This Week in 2018. I emptied my head of all those unfiltered thoughts and it turned out I wasn’t alone! A lot of readers liked knowing what had gone on behind the scenes that week. Armed with this (anecdotal) information it’s time to get back to blogging and for 2020 I present to you my weekly column of ‘Thursday’s Thoughts’.

Every Thursday I’ll be posting a brand new blog based on my thoughts/experiences/what I’ve seen on Social Media that week. If you’d like it dropped into your inbox then please sign up to my mailing list or you can follow my Facebook Page and Instagram accounts.

If you’d like to know my thoughts on a particular subject feel free to drop me an email. I reply to all emails that come through my website, except those from spambots because quite frankly spam, both the tinned and virtual kind, sucks.

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