I was raised to be a creative thinker and problem solver. I am also lucky to be surrounded by solutions people, particularly my sister who is amazing…… seriously take a problem to her and within 3 minutes I have a viable solution, a hug and my self confidence is restored.

My partner is also a problem solver albeit of the practical kind. For example last summer I asked him to repaint the hallway whilst I went out to play with the kids. To give you some background… our house is falling down challenging to decorate and where I would have merrily slapped some Dulux on the walls and if I was feeling very into it, maybe some decorators mate to stick some of the plasterboard back in place, my partner had other ideas. Instead I returned home to not only a redecorated hallway but my partner had somehow convinced our neighbour, who is the best handyman around, to pitch in and part of the ceiling had been repaired, the walls were decorated and he’d even used undercoat. My first thought was ‘how long have I been gone?’ Turns out 6 hours is all he needs to solve a problem that had been bugging me for the best part of 5 years. He also did such a good job that I’ve laid down my decorating tools as I can’t do anywhere near as good a job and I spend most of my waking hours nagging the kids not to put their hands on the walls. It’s official. I’ve turned into my mother. Oh well, I guess I had a good run of 38 years.

With these 2 fabulous people in my life it’s tempting to simply run any minor, or major issues past them and not have to think up solutions for myself. Or only deal with the fun ones like those that are bugging other people and not me. This year (I know, we’re only 16 days into it) I’ve had to come up with a lot of creative solutions. I badly damaged my thumb just after Christmas rendering it and me pretty much useless. In order to carry on with work and looking after our million (ok, 4 but it feels like a million sometimes) children I’ve created all sorts of solutions. This has involved having to tape a foodbag over my bandage to go in the shower, declaring me a washing up free zone and when work was really busy asking one of my sisters (I seem to have a million of those too – #blendedfamily) who is a trained nurse, to come and change my dressing as I had a last minute work meeting and didn’t have time to get to the GP. My favourite solution so far has been one my friend came up with when we went to see Star Wars at the cinema, where she sat on the left of me and held my popcorn for the entire movie so I could reach it. Thanks Sandee, you’re the best.

This mindset naturally started applying to my work. This week I was contacted by a client who had a limited budget but wanted one of my websites. She messaged with what she was looking for and explained she was proficient in editing WordPress, just not designing and developing sites. We agreed that I would build her site and she would add in the products. This would keep the costs down for her and save me time in that I don’t have to add reams of data to the site. A perfect solution for the two of us. I’m excited to get started on building a beautiful website for her and she’s looking forward to having somewhere to display her stunning work. It’s win-win.

What solutions have you come up with lately?