It’s day 1100 of January and seriously, will this month ever end?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with January. On the one hand I’m always relieved when the demands and lack of routine that surrounds Christmas get put behind us but following that it’s a bleak time of year. I’m starting to see why my cousin, whose birthday is in January, chose to move to Australia and gets to celebrate her once bleak and freezing birthday in the height of summer. Plus in a move that no-one could have predicted, her birthday always falls on Australia day so she literally never has to get up and go to work. Result.

The start to this year has been even more challenging for us as it was a couple of days before January that I busted my thumb making me useless in a household capacity meaning I couldn’t look after the baby or perform basic household chores. When I think of it like that, perhaps this January hasn’t been so bad after all.

The kids have so far survived it much better than their parents. I think the distraction of toys and video games from Christmas helps alongside returning to school having had an enforced break from seeing their friends. Something I figured out pretty much as soon as I hit adulthood and house sharing is that most people who live in London aren’t actually from here and therefore tumbleweed often drifts past our front door as friends all return to various other parts of the country to visit their families at Christmas.

Whilst I’m keen to move on from January and skip straight to spring we still have February to go. The good thing about February is that it’s a quick month. Even with the extra day jammed in. I am fully aware that I shouldn’t be wishing time away especially as it’s going to be my 39th birthday in March. 39? How on earth did that happen? With this in mind I’ve written some tips on how to survive the dull as ditchwater (Livvy’s birthday excepting) time between sparkly Christmas and the return of good weather.

Surviving January & February Tips:

Find a boxset you really like. Bonus points if it’s got a super long list of episodes. I timed it perfectly this year by getting into The Big Bang Theory – 12 seasons of brilliant wit and humour in short enough instalments that even I can concentrate on them.

Surgically attach yourself to your tv remote. Loads of good tv gets lined up for precisely this time of year. I’m currently loving: Grace & Frankie, The Good Place and Modern Family.

Books! Lots of books that were £££ before Christmas become affordable in the new year. Line them all up on your Kindle, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy.

Online shopping. Ok supermarkets don’t have sales in the same way retailers do but why go out and get cold if you can get your food delivered? Plus some of the delivery saver passes get reduced in January.

Hot drinks. Never go anywhere without a hot drink. Not only will it keep you toasty warm on the inside, you can use the outside of the mug to warm your hands. It’s win-win.

Go for a walk. I know this contradicts the online shopping one but food shopping is dull (and cold in the fridge/freezer section). Find the sunniest, warmest time of day, wrap up with coat, hat, scarf, gloves and head into the daylight. It’ll do wonders for your mental health, it also helps with your circadian rhythm meaning you’ll sleep better for it.

Eat lots of veggies. We don’t do Veganuary here but we are a mainly (fully for my partner) vegetarian house and having a variety of colours and textures on my plate is delicious and the vitamins help fight off any nasty germs hanging around.

That’s it! This January has seen a record number of websites for This Demanding Life and I’m loving working on the different styles and industries relating to them. I’m currently working on one for the music industry and seeing all the photos of festivals has inspired me to plan for the summer (you can take a baby to a festival right?) I’m also about to embark on a website for beautiful personalised gifts. I wish I’d know about this company before Christmas as the products are stunning. I’m also building sites for a personal stylist, a motivational speaker and an artist. There is no end of inspiration. Perhaps January isn’t such a bleak month after all.

What are your tips for surviving January & February?