This week is the week where the lack of routine due to Christmas is firmly out the window. With everybody back at work and the kids at school it’s time to set the alarms for what feels an ungodly time and start nagging everybody to get them out the door in the morning. Including me. I find it easy to be ‘at my desk’, I say this but I often work from the sofa, on time but if I didn’t have to drop the kids at school before my working day begins I’d still be in my PJs come mid-afternoon.

I’m not naturally a routine orientated person so the first week back at school is harder for me than the kids and my partner. There is one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt and it’s that we all thrive on having a routine. In our house it means tempers are less likely to flare and the kids are more likely to be (somewhat) compliant. And the dog gets walked. Mustn’t forget Stitch.

However it just takes the slightest distraction and, much to my partner’s chagrin, I’ll happily chuck the routine in the bin and head off on an adventure. The last one was 5 weeks ago when I cancelled my whole working day on a whim, bundled up the baby and headed to Oxford to support a friend in need. Luckily my other half is much more practical and he’ll be home enforcing the dinner/bath/bed schedule that’s so important for the children.

New Year, new start and I’m determined to set some good habits for the year. I know, after writing last week that I’m not a goal setter. Let’s just say my minimum goal is to not spend as much time working in my PJs.

Google tells me it takes a minimum of 66 days to create a habit. That’s more than 2 months of dressed in real clothes by 8:30am days but I’m determined to give it a go. As I write this all 4 children are in bed. On time! This has very little to do with me and a lot to do with my partner hustling us all along in a bid to be in bed ourselves by midnight.

66 days. Will I make it? Will I head off on a whimsical adventure? I’ll be watching this space as eagerly as my partner who, no doubt has his fingers crossed that a routine can be stuck to in our house.

What are your tips for creating a good routine?