Whatever type of website you are looking for I can help. There are many factors to include when deciding what type of website to build including which platform to use, how you’ d like to manage it once it’s been built and how we can make your website work the most effectively for you. This can include having it connect to Social Software, Calendars, Invoicing functionality, online stores or have something simple which doesn’t need any maintenance.

The most popular platform to build websites on is WordPress and in most cases we will choose this for your website. However we also work with Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix and custom build websites to order.

Working with me is not the same as working with another designer. I have 11 years experience working in Marketing. 8 of those years have also encompassed running businesses. I know the processes involved and challenges small businesses face. When working together we’re not just looking at building the website but also how you’d like it to integrate with marketing materials and often how to use the software of the website to relieve the strain of admin tasks.

How it Works


Where possible we meet in person. If you’re not in London/Surrey then we’ll have a Skype meeting. We’ll discuss the look and feel of your website, content you’d like and the steps we need to take to achieve this. You may create your own content or we can organise photographers, copywriters and branding specialists to ensure you end up with your dream website.

Design & Build

After the consultation we will decide the best platform to build your site on & schedule a timeline for the content & build. When we have all the content and the 50% deposit has been paid I’ll give you a start date for the website and what date you can expect to see it in first draft format (usually up to 6 weeks later). During the build I’ll keep you updated of progress on a weekly basis.

First Draft

Once the first draft of the website is complete I’ll record a video walk through of the website explaining the design, layout, call to actions and other details.This is your opportunity to go through the site and make tweaks and changes until we get the site just how you want it. Once we have the details of all the changes I’ll let you know a timescale of when the site will be complete.

Completed Site

When the agreed changes have been made the site is complete and we’ll send it live. This is the stage where the site is ‘signed off’ and the 50% balance is payable. After the site has been paid for it belongs to you. You are welcome to use me for maintenance, updates and changes. However this is not compulsory, you can maintain it yourself or use a web designer of your choosing.

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What Happens Next

Once your website is complete and has been signed off it is yours. You are not under obligation to stay with me and are welcome to maintain and update it yourself or have someone else do it for you.

If you would like to continue to work together then one of my monthly maintenance packages will be right for you.

The Website Care Package is an entry level maintenance package which will ensure monthly updates, site security and back ups are taken care of.

The Care Plus Package looks after your hosting, SSL Certificate, back ups, monthly updates and site security.

The Care & Create Package looks after your hosting, SSL Certificate, back ups, monthly updates, site security and allows for an hour of website development time each month.

Website Care Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up

Care Plus Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

Care & Create Package

  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Back Ups
  • Website Security Check Up
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • One Hour Development Time Per Month
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What People Say

Charmaine Lee

Centre Manager, Kingston Child Contact Centre

Holly’s work on the Kingston Child Contact Centre website was exemplary. She understood the brief immediately and worked hard to deliver the incredible site we have today. Holly took the time to explain user journeys, how modals worked and why certain styling was important. Holly went above and beyond the brief, sourcing stock images and creating our logo for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Holly for a website build and know you will enjoy working with her as much as I have.

Kat Haagel

Owner, The Style Smith

I had a change of career and the website builder I had used previously was’t comfortable with the style of site I was after. In fact I was stuck on a holding page for over a year! 

Holly was from the very first conversation completely on board with what I wanted and understood the visions I had for my company image. Holly has been informative, helpful and always kept in contact throughout the process. Even when I have made a couple of wrong choices with regards to layouts and background colour she has indulged me and let me see that she was in fact right all along. 

I have learnt that when it comes to computer based layouts she knows exactly what is what. Her technical knowledge in relation to social media connectivity is reaching far beyond mine and I didn’t think I was that bad. 

I look forward to keep learning from Holly and engage more in the tools she eagerly provides all her clients with to reach out to a larger client base. I can’t recommend her enough!

Herman Stewart

CEO & Founder, Every Child Needs a Mentor

Through all of the time of working with Holly, she has been professional, considerate, conscientious, exceptionally meticulous, innovative and passionate about our project. Holly has listened very well to our needs and aspirations to ensure that this was communicated through our latest website. Holly has been impressive. As the Founder of Every Child Needs a Mentor this brand is close to my heart, so we had to commission the right organisation to create the visuals to our vision, which Holly has executed with excellence. Holly’s suggestions, guidance and direction have been insightful and perceptive and her desire to express our thoughts in this project has impressed us. I wholeheartedly recommend first as a person as she is authentic and has great people skills and secondly as a fastidious practitioner, I endorse her work. From my experience of working with Holly, I am confident Holly will add value to any website development project that she delivers as she not only knows her stuff but is sensitive to your needs and has a heart for people. Thank you, Holly, from our leadership team and staff. As the visionary, I want to say thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that our website reflects the vision, ethos and culture of our brand.

Helen Porter

Owner, Helen Porter PA Services

I have recently started my own business as a Virtual PA and needed a professional website that could be used to share the services that I offer with potential clients. Holly was recommended to me and from the very first Skype call I knew that she completely understood my vision for the site. Holly guided me through the whole process and shared her expertise to help me decide on layout, copy and images. I couldn’t be happier with the finished site!

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