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Is your website not performing as well as you’d like it to?

You’ve gone round in circles but you can’t figure out what’s not working.

What you really want is for your website to bring you in leads and make you sales but currently it’s doing neither.

Are you ready to change that?

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Meet Holly Christie

Hi, I’m Holly, an award winning website designer, small business mentor and trainer. I have decades of industry experience, dating back to the early noughties, (yes, I really am that old), I specialise in creating websites for small and micro businesses.

I chose, early on in my web design career, to work with small businesses because I have a huge belief that everyone is talented, everyone has something special that they can bring to the world and if they want to bring their skill into the business world, then I want to help them to achieve that.

Not everyone has the budget to have a new website commissioned, or they may want to make sure an existing website is up to date and doing the best job it can in bringing in leads and sales. That’s where the Wake Up Your Website! challenge comes in.

This is the 6th time I’ve run the challenge and every time, we meet a lovely group of people who go on to make bigger, bolder steps with their website in just a few minutes each day. Come and join in the community, make some business buddies, learn about your website, and have all your questions answered along the way.

Meet Amy Newlands

Amy is a Visual Impact Specialist. She’s an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and branding expert. Amy specialises in creating bold brands with scroll stopping graphics to disrupt peoples’ timelines so your brand gets seen.

Amy is the branding specialist behind This Demanding Life and Simply Sites. She has teamed up with me on this challenge so we can make a massive impact on your website in just 5 days.

Amy will be live in the pop-up Facebook group all week to offer branding and graphics advice, Canva tips and she may even invite you to a draw-along where she teaches you how to draw something and then how to add it to your branding pack in Canva. She’ll be on-hand all week to answer your questions.

In less than 20 minutes a day you will learn how to:

Identify & reach your ideal audience.

Attract more of the customers you want. 

Wrangle your website & branding with confidence & skill.

Use plugins and software to lighten your administrative load.

Position yourself as an expert in your industry. 

Setup your website to generate leads.

Give yourself back some time

Getting on top of your website now will save you time in the long run. A high converting website can save valuable time from having to market elsewhere. You can connect it to other software you’re already using to run your business, cutting out some of the process and automating others.

This challenge is for you if:

How the challenge works

Click the button and register to take part

I’ll send you the link to join the popup Facebook group

We start on Monday 11th September

Each morning one bitesized, actionable challenge will be released in the group

Amy and I’ll be available in the group to answer your questions in real time

On Wednesday evening there will be a live Q&A

There will also be Facebook lives with experts from my team

What people say about the challenge

Testimonial in quote marks.

This was enlightening! Very good advice – thanks!

Brian Booden

Thank you so much for everything this week. It has been fab! 

Holly Clark