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Wake Up Your Website! 5 Day Challenge

Hi, welcome to the challenge!

Over the next 5 days you’ll learn the basics to building a great website and you’ll come away from this challenge with the knowledge and understanding of how to plan and design your website to attract customers and make sales.

It’s up to you how much detail you want to go into for each task – the daily task videos are just a couple of minutes long. You can then spend either a few minutes or a few hours completing the tasks. Do what feels right for you, after all, it’s your website.

If you’re not already a member of the Facebook group please do consider joining it. This week I have guest speakers in the group speaking about specific tasks. You’ll also meet the other group members who are in the challenge.

I’m on hand all week to help you make the most out of the challenge so please feel free to reach out in the Facebook group whenever you have a question.

Holly x

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How the challenge works

All good websites start with a pen and paper.

Therefore grab your favourite pen and a new notebook, or a few sheets of paper and let’s get planning your new or updated website.

Each day I’ll release a video with the day’s task. You can watch the videos here or in the Facebook group.

Use your notebook to make notes and record your thoughts. If you have questions add them as comments on the day’s post in the Facebook group.

Each day I’ll be live in the group to answer any questions and offer support as well as practical help.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have some guest experts in the group. We’ll be live at 11am and they’ll be around all day to answer questions.

Let’s get started!

Day One: Research & Planning

Today’s Task:

  Why do you have/want a website?

  What do you want it to do? 

  Research other websites … what do/don’t you like about them? 

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Day Two: Let's Get Technical

Today’s Task:

  Have you got your domain name?

  Have you sorted out your hosting?

  Is everything setup properly?

  Is your website running as fast as it can?


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Day Three: Copywriting

Today’s Task:

  What is the right amount of text for your website?

  Review your text ….. Is it too long & overwhelming for your visitors? Is it too short and not detailed enough?

  Does the text encourage your visitors to do what you want them to do on your website?

  Is your message consistent?


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Day Four: Branding

Today’s Task:

  Have you got a logo or something your visitors would recognise as ‘you’?

  How many colours do you use across your website?

  Do you know where to go for colour resources/mood boards?

  Is your branding consistent?


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Day Five: Putting it all together

Today’s Task:

  Choose a page to start with (I recommend your About page)

  Sketch your page design on paper

  Anything you don’t know how to do….. ask in the Facebook group.

  Remember ‘done is better than perfect’


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Bonus Task: SEO

Today’s Task:

  Work through the SEO instructions from the 2 posts below.

  Don’t worry if you can’t do all of them, but try to do as many as you can.

  Regularly run your website updates.

  Revisit your website often and tweak and amend the content and design regularly.


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