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The Website Clinic

Helping you look after the health of your website

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Maximise Your Website Potential by Ensuring its Health and Success

You’ve been doing a great job of managing your website; you have the control and flexibility to make changes when you want to, but sometimes you need a bit of expert help.

Maybe you want to design a new page or add a plugin, you need to keep your site updated but sometimes that means learning new skills. You want to know how to do it yourself, but what if you don’t have time to find the answer, let alone sit through numerous YouTube tutorials?

I can help, we’ll work through it together.

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Holly sitting on the sofa with a laptop and looking at the camera.

Use My Expertise to Improve Your Website

Whether you’re planning a future project, giving your website a once-over, or making changes to improve how it’s running, I can help.

I know websites.

I’ve worked with many clients over the years, reviewing and improving performance, adding new content, or identifying what is causing the niggle which is frustrating the hell out of you – and fixing it. Let me help you with yours.

What Your Website Clinic Can Cover

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Website design and planning

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Choosing and installing website themes

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Hosting and backend support

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Integration of external software and plugins

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Blog setup

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Technical troubleshooting

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Removing unwanted software from your website

If you’re not sure what you need, a health check is the place to start.

Holly and a client looking at the computer with Holly showing him how to do something.

“I booked a power hour with Holly who gave me fantastic practical advice in a way I could understand so that I could get set up. I then booked further hours with Holly to help me with how to use WordPress… I would not have been able to do the site without Holly’s help – she is fantastic!”

Caroline Green

How it works

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We’ll talk 

It’s that simple.

Book into the clinic and use the form to tell me what you’d like to work on. We’ll meet on Zoom at a time that suits you.

Together we’ll make your website awesome.

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“Being totally resistant to all things techie, I do know that a part of me has to make the effort. Slowly but surely, I am learning that I can work my way around the backend of my website – with confidence and surety. Holly keeps her explanations simple and is very patiently reassuring me there is nothing sinister lurking in my WordPress Website and I am the Boss!”

Tracey Baxter

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever you need covered. When you book the session, you’ll be asked what you’d like help with and that’s what we’ll work on; most things can be solved within an hour.
If you have a lot of things on your list and I don’t think we’ll be able to sort them in the time, I’ll get in touch before the session so you can either book more time or choose the most important elements you’d like to work on.

No. Each clinic session is booked and delivered as a full hour.

You’ll get the most benefit from your time if we’re working on a 1:1 basis so I encourage you to book the session with 1:1 tuition in mind. If you feel it is important for someone else to be involved, let me know and we can talk about this.

We do. If the problem with your website is in the design, we can update the parts you need. If your navigation isn’t great, you’d like a page added to the site, or some bits of the website need swapping around – I can show you how to make these changes.
However, if you’re looking for the whole site to be redesigned, we can talk about a custom build website, or you can visit our sister site Simply Sites for smaller investment options.

I’m happy to discuss your marketing strategy with you, particularly the role your website will play in your marketing. This includes your website SEO, how it fits in with your Social Media marketing, or connections for email software. If you’d like to use the clinic session to discuss marketing, please say so on the form at the time of booking.

Yes. Whether you already have some in place, or you need recommendations for software and plugins, I can help. Please mention this on the form at the time of booking and I’ll make sure I have all the relevant information available for you.

This is an opportunity to help you learn and understand the processes behind your website. You’ll have my support, helping you learn how to edit, build and integrate systems on your website, leaving you more knowledgeable than before.

You’re welcome to record the session; either directly from Zoom at your end, or I can record it and send it to you. Let me know at the beginning of the session if you’d like to record it.

Find out what our clients have said

“Holly’s expertise, friendly demeanor, and attention to process and detail have made our collaboration an absolute pleasure.

From the moment we spoke to Holly for our project, it was evident that she possessed an impressive level of knowledge. She demonstrated a deep understanding of modern design principles, user experience, and the latest industry trends.

What sets Holly apart is her genuine friendliness and approachability. She listened to my requirements, addressed my questions and concerns, and ensured that I was involved at every stage rather than just simply providing solutions or her opinion. Holly’s clear communication, responsiveness, and ability to explain technical concepts in an understandable manner were invaluable!

I wholeheartedly recommend Holly for anyone seeking professional website design services. Her combination of technical expertise, friendly approach, and unwavering attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to any project. Whether you are a small business owner looking to establish your online presence or a larger organization seeking to revamp your website, Holly’s skills and professionalism will undoubtedly exceed your expectations! Thank you so much Holly!”

Joseph Grech, Founder, Become Coaching & Training