Is your website in need of being rescued?

  • Is your website tying you in knots?

  • Is it stopping you getting things done & making money in your business?

  • Are you avoiding sending people to your website because you’re not sure it’s even working properly?

  • Have you got to the end of your skill set when it comes to trying to find a solution?

  • You can’t seem to get the help & support you need and it’s leaving you frustrated and, if we are totally honest, defeated!

  • You’ve been left in the dark by the hosting you currently have in place.

Cartoon version of Holly, in a superhero cape and headband with a pink background.

If you’re in a website tangle, a kerfuffle with the tech on there or you feel there’s something not working as it should be then I’m here to help.

** cue some epic superhero type music!

My website rescue service is exactly what you need!

I will dive in with you and we can untangle all the tangly bits, rework the bits that aren’t efficient or effective, create solutions and leave you with a website that’s working for you.

Consider it FIXED

How it works

The first thing we need to do is establish what it is you need help with. The website rescue service helps with:

  • Moving your website from one host to another.

  • Taking over your website maintenance.

  • Editing or amending an existing website.

  • Creating a website user manual so you know how to edit, amend & update your website.

Book a free, 20 minute discovery call with me and we can discuss what it is that's driving you crazy, what might be stopping you from making sales through your website and how I can help.

I'll let you know when we can get the work booked in for, how much it will cost and how long it will take. It all starts with a free chat.

Questions (and Answers)

The rescue service can cover redesign for parts of your website. It may be that your navigation isn't great. Or you'd like a page added to the site or you'd like some bits and bobs swapped around. All this is achievable with this service. However if you're looking for the entire site to be redesigned, contact me about a custom build website or visit our sister site, Simply Sites for smaller investment options.

Yes we can. You may have a host in mind already or you may like us to recommend one. We can talk about it in the initial call and work out the best solution for you.

Absolutely. Your website will always perform best and be keeping Google happy if it's regularly maintained and up to date. Visit my website maintenance page and choose the right package for you.

Yes I can. I can also make some recommendations as to how to get your website in better shape so it performs better in technical tests and passes all the Google tests.

Yes. I'm also happy to make recommendations for software and plugins. We'll use some of the time in the discovery call to look at your processes and which software options would support you best.

No. All designers have their unique skills and designs and it would be an insult to the original developer of your website. If you ask me to add some information to your website I may copy a section so your design feels fluid but I will not recreate a design someone else has done, on your website.