Do you worry that your website isn’t performing as well as it could be? Are you not ranking as highly on search engines as you’d expect? Or you’re monitoring traffic and not getting as many hits to your site or have a high bounce rate. There could be many reasons why and they’re not just related to SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation will always be an important part of getting your website up the search engine ladder but once users click onto your website it needs to be engaging and encourage people to stay on it and read all the content.

A website review is perfect for those who want to make changes to their existing website but don’t want to undertake an entire rebuild. This includes both, professionally designed sites and sites people have built themselves.

Website reviews are a 30 minute video walking through your website. In the video I’ll tell you what is working for you and what can be improved. I’ll talk through page layouts,  your Call to Attentions, Call to Actions, discuss headings and body text as well as how to engage your users.

We’ll look at Search Engine Optimisation – how your meta data is working on Google, whether your images are labelled correctly and what else you can do to make your website successful.

What the review will cover


The look and feel of your website

Whether the images & text send a consistent message

Integrating Call to Attentions & Call to Actions

Making the most of the appearance of your site

User Journey

How users navigate your website

How effective your Call to Actions are

How easy it is to find information on your site

How to keep users engaged and on your site


How to optimise your meta data

How search engines index your content

How to tailor your text to be ‘Google friendly’

How to keep content fresh & up to date

Social Integration

Checking brand consistency across your website & social feeds

How to successfully integrate your Social feeds to your website

Ensuring your Call to Actions work with your Social feeds

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What people say

Andisheh Thomson

Photographer, Photography by Andisheh

I first got in touch with Holly because I had rather neglected my website and felt it could do with a bit of a refresh to make it more engaging for families looking to hire me. Holly told me she did website reviews and the feedback she gave me was incredibly useful. Not only did she tell me what was working on my website, she also told me what wasn’t working. She gave me a clear plan of action that really improved the flow and experience for potential clients. Thanks Holly!