I have just released my new website and it's looking fantastic thanks to Holly!

I first approached Holly over a year ago.

Holly knows me as the not-so-patient kind of person but showed incredible patience with my ever-changing ideas and wishes for which I am unbelievably thankful!

We worked together using some power hours.

Whilst I am by no means an expert in WordPress, I learnt my way around the various tools! In the very busy run up to Christmas last year Holly helped me create a new, stunning WordPress website that was appealing and customer-friendly with decent navigation and professional look. Christmas (or at least my sales) was saved!
This summer I decided it was time for a sleeker, smarter design. I loved the website as it was but my style of products had changed slightly and I had a new vision for the website. I knew I could count on Holly to combine my various random thoughts into clear ideas and I decided to commission her to do her magic once more, and I couldn't be happier!

Holly has been a fabulous support throughout the processes of both website designs, is unbelievably patient, had (or found!) the answers to all my questions and helped me to create a stunning, video-embedded, user-friendly website. Thank you, Holly!

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